Case Study - Goodfoot Development

Quick Stats

  • 100+ positive responses per month from prospects.

Dedicated to the development of organisations, teams and people. We excel at helping organisations create a well-balanced, positive and highly performing workplace.

Goodfoot came to us with a combined audience of over 15,000 potential prospects that they were already connected to across all of their LinkedIn Profiles.

Although that was great, they had never really utilised that network.

Our aim was to create a campaign that engaged their 1st-degree network and entice them onto a webinar without coming across as spammy.

We created a campaign inviting prospects to upcoming webinars and passed over positive responses to the sales team to ensure we can manage and track the actual attendance rates.

We do this by sending a handover email and also adding the prospect into his sales pipeline within the CRM.

A "Positive Response" is classed as someone who has requested more information and requires further action to be performed.