Case Study - The Business Box

Quick Stats

  • 41 % Acceptance Rates
  • 35% Response Rate
  • Average 7 "Positive Responses" Per Week

The Business Box is a single-source business toolkit for entrepreneurs and start-ups that tells you not just the ‘what you need to do’ but also the ‘how to do it.’

The two main aims for their Founder, Piers Mummery was to either get potential prospects on a zoom call with him directly or direct people to the new website.

As part of the strategy, we created a prospective list consisting of:

  • UK Business Owners that have changed their role in the past 90 days
  • UK Business Leaders that are active on LinkedIn
  • UK Business start-ups

Each target list was then put into a campaign that would send connection requests & upon acceptance begin to send them tailored messages appealing to their specific needs.

We would then pass any positive responses over to Piers so he can continue the sales process.

We do this by sending a handover email and also adding the prospect into his sales pipeline within the CRM.

A "Positive Response" is classed as someone who has requested more information and requires further action to be performed.